Ten Years [Album]

by Fisky

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"What's clear straight away is that Fisky isn't interested in selling you anything, bullshitting you or flashing a load of metaphors around. From the first bar to the last the emphasis is on telling Stories from his life with an honesty that's almost painful.

Maybe Fisky will spend another 10 years honing his craft, slickening his beat choices, polishing his approach and delivery and we'll be able to watch him refine what he does over the next few years. Or maybe this was simply The One Album he needed to make to put these events behind him.

It's hard to tell without knowing the man but in his own words "It's cheaper than therapy" (I think he was only half joking).

Either way hearing this album left me feeling as if I'd lived through a few years of someone's diary, and I'm too inclined to promote and encourage the honesty and integrity of the lyricism to dwell too long on the less accomplished aspects of the musical production.

Musical production technique can be taught, Honesty can't. Personally I hope this is just the start of a long journey, and that Fisky has plenty more stories to tell before the day is done."

Greg Blackman - Songwriter and Vocalist: Paragons Of Goodness, DJ Vadim, Featurecast, BombStrikes.


released April 20, 2014

Production Credits:

Charles Edison
Richard Campbell
Production Prophets
The Cratez

Mixed by Charles Edison
Mixed & Mastered by Richard Campbell at Orpheus Studio
Cover Artwork by Charles Edison



all rights reserved


Fisky London, UK

Fisky is an independent artist originally from the Luton area, now based in South London. His album 'Ten Years' is a honest and moving debut.

From the outset it is clear there is no holding back with this album. Fisky pulls inspiration from his own life and experiences. His storytelling ability is engaging and his honesty is at times disarming.
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Track Name: Popular Vulture
unlock these padlocked gates that we created
where times sedated
insecurities sprawled naked and talent lies wasted
nameless faces graze on undeserved greatness
while faces of greatness fade and made to feel shame
left in the gutter of a society that holds ignorance sacred
where fames created and integrity's dated
has it come to the point we’ve got, nothing left to give n
that we’re actually driven to watching other people living
in a house or a jungle, suppose it’s a given
but every day they’re taking a little more Great out of Britain
it’s nothing like a phenomenon every year the fucking same
it just carries on
you could set your overpriced watch by it (buy it, buy it)
the only way it’s gonna stop
is if we turn off stop buying in and watch the ratings drop
before Paranormal Activity ninety three hits our screens
manufactured screams, sold to the masses, as reality

she buys the latest make up some magazine
convinced her she needs
you need to look like this, 'this is beauty' they sold her a dream
no longer in the eye of the beholder
what someone told her to be
she grew up craving fame in a time
where anyone can be a celebrity
grab the money and run, run, leave a stain on society
a high profile affair or sham marriage might do the trick
let me see
a leaked a sex tape might bring the publicity
she believes she so badly needs
but what happens when no one cares any more
and she’s left with no authenticity?
don’t give up you’re about to become a Chanel 5 model
now fingers down her throat cos Cosmo
told her only size zeros get ogled
that’s when the alcohol and drugs kick in rehabs a calling
a model aspiring now spiraling out of control
it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'roll model'
we can’t blame her she followed the formula
laid out by those before her
but tell that to a Father mopping up the blood of his daughter
on the bathroom floor our protagonist lies
if the ambulance had gotten there sooner
or there were less lies she might still be alive

a nine to five after fame’s gotta be harder
after a half a million fans screaming blue murder
till their horser than a Tesco Value Burger
dreams crushed self-esteem worth-luss we must
put our trust , in more, before our brains turn to mush
please don’t get me wrong Britain’s Got Talent that’s obvious
but this is the Machine and most of us ain’t Florence
its insanity we’re sold comparison’s by a Meerkat
no need to save for a rainy days we got the latest asos anorak
we can’t take it with, at least live a bit, so materialistic
material objects woven deep un-stitch the fabric of happiness
like an addict needs a needle we need to believe
we ain't feeble people
we wo-wo-wobble like a weeble till we get our fix of evil
what’s happening
we’re looking like twin mannequins in a window
all the same chase the main stream quicker than the wind blow
these companies wanna be seen to tell us to drink responsibly
but they never complain
even though they see we’re drinking constantly
Track Name: Wrong
let me choose my words carefully empty verses the curse of me
the blank page stares at me ,where do I start, let me see
we were introduced by Douchey she told me you liked me
that I reminded you of someone you used to see back home in Sydney
it’s like there’s something missing as I sit here and write
like chicken and rice nights without the chicken and rice – right?
our only consistency is that we`re inconsistent/consistently
no contingency my words flow like calligraphy
you don’t want to be exclusive but I can’t commit to keep doing this/see
my feelings appear elusive but the puddings missing the proof/it’s
like you put on a front act like you don’t care
I don’t know if there’s feelings there, you’re scared or if you actually don’t care
maybe I’m wrong but alarms are going off like Wang Yu Wong
if I kick the door down like the deposit you might be gone
when everyone’s around in the crowd it’s not like when we`re alone
If that’s how you want it - that’s cool it just seems like a shame though

we dont know what it is it just is what it is
I don’t understand it but at the same time don’t want to call it quits
it ain’t just about sex we laugh so hard it hurts to breathe
So loud we`re asked to leave how can I forget the strip tease?
we start then we screech to a halt - out of reach
I’ll try to keep it brief like your abbreviated speech
I need a Riss-ictionary to translate this shit for me
C&R, KMN, it’s Totes Halver’s! OMG!!
you kill me too funny laugh from right down in my belly
louder than wine at the ballet for love nor money
I don’t get how you suppose you wash rice like clothes
you’re random mood swings always keep me on my toes
I know you hate when I say it but you make me feel good - alright?
I don’t know about you but that doesn’t happen that often in my life
I’ve got to try to figure out what would leave me less sore
you saying no or never knowing if it could have been something more

If I told you in person it would probably come out wrong
I’m always able to put my words together better in a song
this one took a few takes the feeling I can’t shake
if I leave myself open that I might be making a mistake
there’s not much that phases me that’s why it amazes
when it comes to this shit my phrases lost in mazes
no traces when you asked me to play From a Distance
For four minutes we were silent but far from distant
I could tell you how I feel after a couple more beers
I’m sitting here writing words I not sure you wanna hear
you asked me to write a song about how I feel – the truth is
I don't know if I want to open this door with these creaking hinges
to be honest, we're still getting to know each other
there ain't many I talk to about my mum and brother
from the start neither one of us has changed our stance
I'll play it like monopoly sometimes you gotta take a chance
Track Name: From A Distance
I’ve only ever seen one picture of you, kneeled down
turned away from the camera, I used to sit for hours
trying to picture your face
Dad won’t talk about ya, so all I'm left with is memories of an imaginary brother
you were taken tragically, I can't believe it, no specifics
just hear my words, merge, paint the beat with hieroglyphics
the family puzzle doesn't fit I'm still missing pieces
we wither, you're always in our hearts, forever with us
how can you miss some one you never knew?
My brother from another Mother still my big brother
another part of me is vacant
there’s rooms to rent in my soul
abandoned homes, unsold, gives room to vent when I’m low
my British stiff upper lip, sometimes it quivers
sepia images of old motion pictures quickly flicker
family ties drop like flies, say goodbye one after the other
this songs for my mum and brother, life's a bitch she makes it hard to love her


If you can see me from a distance everything appears calm
but under the surface wars rage, oceans roar, fire burns
I wear my heart on my sleeve maybe why it keeps breaking
the cold wind can blow me until its jaws aching
I miss my family but what can I do? In reality
so I salvage what I can from the debris
when life’s too much to face, music’s my one saving grace
embrace the bass, tracks laced, it takes me to a better place
Dad, don’t be sad from a distance, they’re both watching down
don’t cry for me my skins thick, it doesn't understand
we grew up in a violent volatile run-down ghost town
but back down, fuck that, it made us who we are now
make sure you cherish your mother and learn from your father
don’t let arguments part ya keep your loved ones around ya
then the next time you see ‘em
make sure you kiss ‘em before you leave ‘em
then you hug ‘em like you need ‘em
in case it’s the last time you see them


What ever life throws at you don't give up hope
hold your head up high bounce back off the ropes
if you lost someone you love and now your hearts broke
grab life by the throat strangle hold till she chokes
till it's murder she wrote
the pain echoes, every note resonates
its not the end, have the credits rolled? Nope!
Till the fat lady sings I'm unbeatable, four kings
you can bet your life life wont take the wings beneath my wings
for everything I put you through, Dad, I'm sorry
I forgot you lost her too a soul mate, wife and a best friend
me and you as lost each other we'd wake up to wet pillows
I meant what I said when you got wed – poetic wind blows
my adolescence in essence felt like a prison sentence
it made no sense I wanted change but wouldn't take your two cents
I'm always quick to hit the liquor I'm working on it just remember
they might not be with us but they're watching over us from a...
Track Name: Feels Good To Me
You can be whatever, you want to be
do whatever you want to do release the energy free
like Lennon had a dream, or Martin Luther King
let go imagine yourself doing those things
and your one step closer to living your dreams
one day you awake to be the person you dreamed of being
you believed in yourself and held onto your dreams
self esteem gleams glistening sunshine beams
all because it seems you dared to dream a dream
live life to the extreme don’t search for misery
misery enjoys company so I think I’d rather be
a solitary soul lost in a pipe dream
a dream supreme
only you can see and no-one else believes
giving you the motivation to chase that visionary scene
to know you have aspirations is what really feels good to me


Nothing builds you up quite like a woman’s touch
a good woman I ain’t talking about a one night slut
she has you going nuts and your nuts going bust
when you find that lust you just can’t get enough
not just the sex the effect on your confidence
nothing takes precedence your mates become hesitant
a bit jealous if their true friends they`ll except it
quick to judge not understanding what it takes to love
love to watch her strut her stuff sexy as fuck
she knows what she wants and she knows how to fuck
she makes you laugh, under the covers, you can fart...
don’t do it straight away it’s a well timed refined art
just seeing her in fact acts like an aphrodisiac
from the front or back or bedroom
kitchen counter smash the plate rack
let the love unfurl in your world give it a whirl
if the worlds your oyster she must be the pearl


If I could catch a rainbow I’d do it just for you
that’s corny as fuck, I just don’t want to see you blue
snatch your troubles up, nope, we don’t want none of that
times to precious to worry and keep on looking back
if you ever feel alone I’m at the end of the phone
if I’m in the unknown I’ll be back if I have to dodge a cyclone
your touch so sweet, your heart so gentle
it keeps me together when I lose it going mental
you don’t take yourself to serious it’s good to see
a friend always there, life’s best freebie
we`ll face our fears together impossible is nothing whatsoever
by any measure I’ll endeavour to treasure this friendship forever
who, what, why or whenever we might argue it doesn’t matter
fight like sisters and brothers in the morning it turns to laughter
it feels good when someone missed you,
feels good when someone loves you
but it feels best when somebody never forgets you
Track Name: The Sequel
I went back and read texts we sent
replayed it in my head
it’s for the best you said but I can’t digest
So I up’d and left after the last morning
I awoke with you asleep with your head...
I can’t do this
can’t breathe a breath without ripping the flesh
grab the handle of the knife sticking out of my chest
the wounds still fresh, if this is a test
then you might as well just go ahead and grade me an F
at best, people think I’m strong, he’ll overcome
they're wrong, I’m numb, churn out another song
reach deep inside I need a couple more bars
to leave the track charred, heal the scars
until I let down my guard again
until then it’s just me and my pen/every now and then
I can’t help but wonder how it might have been
had we not been in that house and it was just you and me

now there's no more chasing pain/failed relationships in vain
when I put pen to page abandon ship/get off stage
tidal wave through peaks and valleys I came
I never dilly dallied just carried on the same
Some become pally when they see you in pain
the next week the same ones don’t remember your name
Got a monopoly on pain, jump on board, on top of my game
no one claimed the cards we’re dealt to be easy life’s unfair
I swear religion ain’t for me but I’m compelled to say a prayer
whoever’s up there please give me the strength to bear
back to the right tracks cos they seem outta reach
pour speech over beats words escape clenched teeth
release – I’m trapped underneath these concrete wreaths
when your world seems bleak a quiet mystique will speak
knock me down - never be my equal
I been to hell – this is the sequel

Nothing’s black and white, if we make it through the night
then things will come to light and we carry on the fight
butterflies, head light, a playwright’s opening night
stage right trembling, can’t get stage fright
all I’ve ever done is fight and there’s no end in sight
so I’m on the next flight, can’t stay here and wait for what might
or might not be my sanities resting site
it’s like an infrared beam between my eyes every night
just pull the fucking trigger, or hit the brake lights
every rhyme I write I memorise every line I recite I terrorise
the beat, every bar in sight gets me drunk to an alcoholic height
at the bottom of twelve steps, trip over the first one
it’s like I can’t do a thing right, at all, except write
the tastes become bitter so I spit out the spite
despite the plight, sit tight, we`ll be alright
Track Name: Pick A Pocket
I’m artful in the way I dodge a
pick pocket, gotcha Oliver
he handed me a stolen Pavlova
then an officer came over I reviewed the situation
ran off like a cartoon left my shoes and blamed it all on Fagin
had Bill Sykes in my sights, missed,
hit Bulls Eye between the eyes
yikes! he’s coming after me there’s no time to put on my disguise
went to hit him but tripped over a rat and fell backward
he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck
and gave me a knuckle sandwich
but there was no mustard or cheese so I spat it out
he punched me till I wheezed I’m on my knees begging for my life,
Bill Please!
I told him to apologize - to take as long as he needs
why hold a grudge it’s only a dog, come on Bill where’s the love?
he wouldn't listen, put his strangulation gloves on
but got distracted when Nancy came along half naked in a thong
I saw my chance and took it – along with his wallet
it didn't have much in it but I guess that’s how it goes
oom pah pah oom pah pah right on his nose
consider yourself…..told….that’s the end of Act One Folks


Welcome to act two,
I’m in an awful orphanage where all the naughty orphans live
my name’s rued (rude) all I did was ask for a bit more gruel
it didn't go down to well at all Mr Bumble hit me with a spoon
my head swelled, I’m dazed and confused then they threw
me down a long thin winding stairway,
hang on where’s the Bannister!?
had a pot roast with a cockroach I found in a canister
surely Mr this is a health and safety issue
I just ate a bug can I at least get a tissue?
to vomit into your foods gloriously terrible!
he dragged me outside shouting he had a boy for sale
that I’d do anything even change my name to Gale
(what the hell)
he left me on the corner told me he’d be back soon
he was off for a bit to pick a pocket or two…uh oh
that phrase sounds familiar
who’s this shadowy figure he’s with um
it’s my arch nemesis back for revenge in my shoes I left in act one
this raggedy vagabond kept gaining when I tried to run
he tied me to a lamp post and beat me till I started yelping
I’m right back where I started, starving, by the way...
where’s my second helping?


Act Three,
and I’m free and hungry for food and revenge
I've had enough of being sold this has got to end
I apologized for killing Bills dog and for socking him in the gob
and for blaming Fagin but now I’m flaming raging
I wasn't looking for trouble but now we got a problem
that can only be resolved by duking it out on the cobbles
people gathered round too see a good old fashioned Hoe Down
it’s me against three what happened to a fair fight? Ow!
I got hit with a glass of ale a cat o nine tails
a bat with nine nails, and an actual cat swung by the tail
got back up but tumbled right back over into Mr Bumble
bounced off his fat gut built some momentum up
clothe lined him knocked him out now there’s only two left
grabbed Fagin’s overcoat
covered the old goat and punched him in the throat
took my shoes back, high jacked an acme delivery truck
stole an over sized cannon but forgot the ammo, fuck
so I psyched Sykes out with jokes about his dead dog
till he started crying
and finished him off with a tyre iron, victory's mine.